Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Many ideas...
From: (Robert Lentz)
Date: 1990-05-06, 12:25
Reply-to: (Robert "The Unholey One" Lentz)

First, a thougts on Leo setting fire to the mill:
	Each episode has been a day.  Leo is supposed to wait three
	nights for the signal to proceed with the burning.  Thus this
	places it in episode seven.  My guess is that one of the last
	scenes will be Leo setting fire to the mill and that we will
	have to wait til the fall to find out what happens to the mill,
	just as we have to wait til the fall to find out about the killer.
	(Though this could all go up in smoke, please pardon the pun,
	if the blood on Leo's shirt does match Laura's or Ronnette's
	and he is sitting in jail.  Though Cooper and Truman would
	would probably try to tail Leo and find out who else is involved.
	And what if it does not match the blood from either?)

	I assume that the green light that Ben referred to is the traffic
	light which has been so prominently been displayed previously.
	Now is this just foreshadowing, or is there someone else who
	is waiting for an appropriate signal?

Second, One Eyed Jacks:
	I doubt that Lucy has any connection with it.
	Two, it is almost a sure thing that Laura worked there, to pay for
	her drug habit.  Ben mentioned that the new girl was "freshly
	scented from the perfume counter" which could imply the following:
	Dissolve some cocaine in some of the perfume (perhaps that would
	be given to the workers themselves) so that after a while they
	would be addicted to the stuff and then offer them a job at OEJ
	as payment for their habit.  (Would dissolving cocaine in perfume
	actually work?)  How else could Laura afford her habit?

Third, man in woods watching Leo, Bobby, and Mike:
	This could very well be Jacobi.  He knows that Laura saw (met?)
	a strange man in the woods and could have gone out there to look
	around.  His lifelong investigation is probably merely
	his reflection upon his failure to get through to Laura, which he
	could feel contributed to her death as he was not able to help
	her end some of her "wild" behavior.

Fourth, traveler:
	The killer is someone who has an opportunity to travel.  Remember
	from the pilot the murder of Teresa which occured in the southwest
	corner of the state?  From what we were given TP is in the northeast.
	Who do we know that travels?  Leo Johnson?  The one-armed man?
	Also why was the man that Laura saw in the woods strange?  Did she
	not know him?  Was he not from TP?

Fifth, finally back to the flesh world mystery:
	Now that Cooper has been to Leo's place perhaps he will recognize it
	next to Ronnette's picture.  Though that man looks more like
	Jacques than Leo.  Another connection?  Espeicially as from the
	previews it looks like they are going through Jacques' apartment
	when they find it.

	The "R" under Laura's fingernail.  Initial of the next victim,
	Ronnette?  Or the killer, Robert?  What was the letter that
	was under Teresa's fingernail?  We never did see that talk
	between Cooper and Truman.

Yes, I was urging Josie to not go out in a boat!

I am still eagerly waiting for Cooper to find out about/meet Madeline!!!!!

	It is nine-thirty pm.  We are at the sawmill which is on fire.
The blaze started in the west end of the building and is being driven
by through the building by the wind.  Mmmm, the smoke from those Douglas
Firs smells wonderful."

"One woman can make you soar like an eagle,
 Another can give you the strength of a lion,
 But there is only one woman in your life
 Who will make you know that you have shared a singular thing."
			  (Please excuse any mistakes, doing it from memory.)

-Robert Lentz or lentz@nuacc

P.S.  I have checked a couple times and the sign clearly says 51,xxx where
	xxx is a number I cannot remember right now, but I belixe around 200.