Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: 5/3 Episode
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-05-06, 19:27

In article , Jon.Webb@CS.CMU.EDU writes...

} I thought the direction of the 5/3 episode was the worst yet.

Nah, it was better than Tina Rathbourne's episode.

} E.g., the shot of dead Bernie -- what was going on there?  Did Leo kill
} him or not?  Was he really lying there?

I don't understand the confusion. Leo points to the wrapped up corpse,
and says, "There's Bernard."  Ben asks if Bernard ratted on Leo. Leo
said, "I told him I'd kill him if he did."  Ben then asks, "Well, did
he?" (rightly assuming, of course, that Bernard must've ratted if he's
now dead)  Leo replied, "No, but he shouldn't have trusted me."

My impression is that Leo killed him to make sure that he didn't rat on
him in the future. What Bernard "trusted" in Leo about was in assuming
that Leo *wouldn't* kill him if he didn't squeal.

} Cooper seemed like a different person, etc.

Actually, I think he was a little up from last week. I think that his
character is growing more serious because he's now more settled in at
Twin Peaks, and is getting more on the case now.

} It seems to me that Cooper should have been smart enough to have
} someone waiting behind Bernie's apartment in case he tried to escape.

That's Jacques. That's what my housemate kept saying, too.

} It seems pretty clear that Norma's husband is the person Sarah and
} Cooper saw in their dream.

Why?  For one, Hank doesn't have long hair. For two, none of the cops, on
looking at Andy's sketch, said, "Gee, this looks kinda like Hank Jennings."
For three, two different actors are listed in the credits for Killer Bob
and Hank Jennings.

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