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Subject: Re: More minutiae
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-05-06, 15:58

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} 2) The midget says "She's *MY* cousin", not she's Laura's cousin, as many
} posters refer to her. Apparently TV Guide says Laura's cousin will appear
} this week, so now it looks like all three are relatives?

Not necessarily. As we saw in the next episode, the woman in the dream
was not cousin Madelein after all, but was indeed Laura. But, the dwarf
saying that "She's my cousin" doesn't mean that he's yet another relative
to Laura and Madeleine. It's more likely dream-code that Cooper will recall
later when he discovers that there's a Madeleine Ferguson who is Laura's
cousin and looks like Laura.

} 5) The cassette tape that Dr. Jacoby plays is labeled "With Love, Laura",
} further establishing a romantic link between the two.

Why?  There are folks whom I signed letters or cards to with "love, jerry"
but with whom I have no romantic relationship.

} Will we ever see the school principal again?  He seemed overly moved by
} the knowledge of Laura's death.  Another regular at the Jack?

I think one of the points of the series is that Twin Peaks is a place
where one person's death seems to affect everybody. Laura wasn't just a
faceless person, either. She seemed to be involved in a lot community
activities. The principal may well be so affected because Laura was,
after all, the Homecoming Queen, and was no doubt aware of her tutoring
Johnny Horne and Josie Packard.

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