Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Random notes
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-05-06, 15:24

In article <>, (Julie Kozaczka Stahlhut) writes...

} Looks like Bernard has been knocked off by Leo, and Jacques has been
} threatened to keep out of the country.  Which one of the brothers,
} Bernard or Jacques, was the bartender?  I can't remember.

Jacques was. Bernard was the one that the Bookhouse Boys had on ice in
the Bookhouse.

} Could Jacques have conspired with Leo to kill his own brother?


} Is Jacques, in fact, really alive in hiding in Canada?

It certainly seems certain that he's alive. I can't see that Leo would
be the least hesitant about mentioning killing Jacques, if he had killed
him. Whether Jacques is really hiding out in Canada is anyone's guess.

} What's Hank's connection to Josie?  It sounds like Hank went to jail for
} something that was clearly an accident, so there must have been some
} extenuating circumstance (e.g., either Hank was driving drunk when he
} ran someone over, or else he killed someone in an apparent accident
} but had some interest in seeing that individual dead.)

I seem to recall during the parole hearing that there was a remark made
about his being drunk, and thus the charge against him would be vehicular

} But I seem to remember that Hank was in jail for three years, and
} Andrew Packard has only been dead for one year.

And Andrew's death was allegedly a "boating accident" (I'd be willing to
bet that Horne hired Leo to do him in, though).

} Could he have been Josie's lover? Or, could they be enemies (maybe Josie
} was a witness against him)?

Most likely the former.

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