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Subject: Re: Twin Peaks: Episode 4 info (lots)
From: (Rich Rosen)
Date: 1990-05-06, 21:38

In article <>, (Cisco's Buddy)
}} 16) When a motorcycle rides up to Ed/Nadine's house, Ed says it's James.
}} Nadine says "James who?" How can she forget? Is there another bike-riding
}} James?
} No, she's just being flakey.

Question:  Have we EVER seen Nadine and James together?  I know Ed has said on
occasion that James is his nephew (?) who is staying with him because his
parents had died (? - I sure hope I'm not embarrassing myself TOO much...),
but have we ever seen Nadine and James in close physical proximity in such a
way that it could be genuinely absolutely concluded that James DOES live there,
or could Ed's story about James be a cover for something deeper?  If the
latter, this would explain Nadine's not knowing who James was, as opposed to
the simpler explanation "She's a looney."

Just wondering...
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