Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: three points
From: tneff@bfmny0.UU.NET (Tom Neff)
Date: 1990-05-06, 19:47

 1. The hand that dug up the locket was gloved, I think.  Gloves are often
used (in TV and movies) to hide gender.  It may be rash to assume that
the digger was male.

 2. Leo never directly admitted to killing Bernard.  Where did we last
seen him?  Bound in a chair at the Bookhouse.  It may be rash to assume
that the B-Boys are as lily white as they come on.

 3. Style note - let's not kid ourselves, Cooper hasn't been acting as
geeky lately because these other, mere mortal TV directors aren't as
weird as Lynch and don't direct KMcL to do so.  They're probably
also interested in establishing their own tone, which is their right.
It's mostly tame by Lynch standards, but by average TV standards I
think this is some *damn fine* directing!

by the way I was at a restaurant last night and they had Snoqualmie
Semillon as one of their wines.  I ordered a glass and asked the
waiter if I could get a slice of cherry pie with it.  He looked at
me funny.  (Nothing new there.) :-)