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Subject: TWIN PEAKS: Timeline of events
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-05-06, 20:49

05 Feb (Sunday)
   -- "Day One" (entry in Laura's diary). Day One of what? Laura and
      James' relationship is my guess. During Cooper's questioning of
      James, he asked what happened on 2/5, and James flashed back on
      the time he gave Laura the locket.

12 Feb (Sunday)
   -- The picnic (James told Cooper that it was "two Sundays ago").

23 Feb (Thursday)

   05:00 PM (Josie to Cooper and Truman)
   -- Laura arrives at Josie Packard's for Josie's English lessons.
      Josie says that Laura left an hour later.

   Sometime after dinner
   -- Last entry in Laura's diary: "Nervous about meeting J. tonight."
      (After dinner because she remarks about having asparagus for
      dinner again.)

   -- Laura returns home from Bobby's house. (Sarah Palmer tells Truman
      that she last saw Laura when she got home about 9:00. Bobby answers
      yes when Cooper asks him, "She was studying at your house until
      about 9:30. Isn't that right?")

   -- Laura snuck out of her house (James to Cooper).

   -- Laura jumps off James' bike and runs off (James to Cooper).

   12:00-04:00 (AM)
   -- Estimated time of Laura's death according to the preliminary autopsy.

24 Feb (Friday)  [Episode #0 (pilot) - 4/8]

   "Just after dawn" (Harry to Bobby)
   -- Pete Martell finds Laura's body.
   -- Ben and Leland have meeting with Norwegians.
   -- Bobby takes Shelly home, then goes to school and is arrested.

   -- Ronnette announced as missing, then found wandering along tracks.
   -- Nadine sends Big Ed off to get the drapes ("They said those drapes
      would be ready by 10.")

   11:30 (Cooper to Diane)
   -- Cooper enters Twin Peaks.

   Noon/early afternoon
   -- Cooper & Truman check on Ronnette, then Laura.
   -- C&T look through Laura's diary.
   -- Andy and team find the train car.
   -- C&T question Bobby, then Donna.

   04:00 (approx)
   -- "The Norwegians are leaving!" (one of Ben's employees tells concierge
      that Ben would be back at 4:00 for the final signing of the deal with
      the Norwegians, and Ben arrives as the Norwegians are leaving)

   04:10 (Cooper to Diane)
   -- C&T at the train car.

   Early evening
   -- Town meeting where Cooper addresses the community leaders.

   09:30 (approx)
   -- Donna sneaks out to meet James at the Roadhouse. Big Ed to meet Norma
      there as well. Fight breaks out, Joey Paulsen takes Donna to meet
      James. J&D bury the locket. James is arrested.

   12:28 AM (Cooper to Diane)
   -- Cooper knocks off for the night. Harry goes to see Josie. Locket is
      dug up by Person Unknown

25 Feb (Saturday)  [Episode #1 - 4/12]

   06:18 (Cooper to Diane)
   -- Cooper is up and goes to breakfast, where he meets Audrey.

   Early to mid-morning
   -- C&T get autopsy results from Dr. Hayward.
   -- Shelly discovers Leo's shirt is soaked with blood just before going
      to work.
   -- C&T question James.
   -- Mike & Bobby talk in jail cell (Leo called Mike "yesterday" and Bobby
      met with Leo "the night Laura died").
   -- Cooper gets call from Albert, Harry & Ed discuss the "stakeout".
   -- James released into Ed's custody, Mike and Bobby released.

   "Just barely morning" (Pete to Josie)
   -- C&T talk to Josie.
   -- Catherine & Ben have a rendezvous.

   -- Donna visits Palmers and Sarah has vision of Killer Bob.

   Late afternoon/early evening (exterior shot is dark)
   -- Hawk questions Pulaskis, spots One-Armed Man.
   -- Bobby and Major Briggs have words over dinner
   -- C&T encounter Log Lady at RR.

   Later in evening
   -- Shelly gets home, gets beaten by Leo.
   -- James has dinner at Haywards'.
   -- Jacoby listens to tape from Laura, takes out the half of the locket
      buried by James & Donna.

   Evening (continued)  [Episode #2 - 4/19]
   -- Jerry Horne gets back from Paris. He and Ben go to One-Eyed Jack's.

   Midnight (clock at Haywards')
   -- James & Donna have their heart-to-heart.
   -- Hawk calls Cooper.
   -- Audrey slips note under Cooper's door.
   -- Bobby & Mike meet with Leo in the woods.

26 Feb (Sunday)  [still Episode #2]

   -- Ed drops grease on Nadine's drape runners. Nadine's arms bend back.
   -- Cooper teaches Harry, Hawk, Andy, & Lucy about Tibet.
   -- Shelly turns off "Invitation to Love" (a soap opera on Sunday
      morning?!) and Bobby comes visiting.

   Late morning (after church)
   -- Haywards meet Audrey in the RR.

   Afternoon ("Are we going to have to stand here all afternoon?" Albert
              to Lucy)
   -- Albert and team arrives

   -- Nadine ecstatic about her now-silent runners.
   -- Pete & Catherine talk. Pete sneaks safe key to Josie.
   -- Josie finds two ledgers in safe.
   -- Leland has breakdown to the strains of Glen Miller.
   -- Cooper dreams of dancing dwarves and doppelgangers.

27 Feb (Monday)  [Episode #3 - 4/26]

   7:15 (Cooper to Diane)
   -- Cooper meets with Audrey over breakfast, then tells Harry & Lucy
      about his dream.

   Mid to late morning(?)
   -- Cousin Madeleine arrives.
   -- Norma is told of Hank's pending parole.
   -- C&T talk to Leo.
   -- Bobby and father have words again.

   12:27 (Cooper to Diane)
   -- C&T leave for funeral after listening to Albert's autopsy report.
   -- Ed & Nadine have quiet moment, James declines to go to funeral.
   -- Audrey checks on her family through a peephole.

   Early afternoon
   -- Laura's funeral. James and Bobby fight. Leland freaks out.

   -- Shelly demonstrates Leland's coffin ride.
   -- Cooper meets the Bookhouse Boys, and they question Bernard Renault
      at the Bookhouse.
   -- Jacques calls Leo for help.
   -- Catherine eavesdrops on Josie & Harry. Josie shows Harry the safe,
      but one of the ledgers is missing -- Catherine has the other one.
   -- Cooper meets Jacoby at the cemetary, then meets Hawk at the Roadhouse.
      The two of them take a drunken Leland home.

28 Feb (Tuesday)  [Episode #4 - 5/3]

   Day (there's no convenient times of day mentioned to assign to events)
   -- Andy sketches Killer Bob from Sarah Palmer's description. Sarah
      then describes her vision of a someone digging up the necklace.
   -- Cooper questions Jacoby
   -- Hawk tracks down the One-Armed Man to Timber Falls Motel, where at
      the same time, Ben and Catherine are having a rendezvous. Josie is
      there, staking out B&C.
   -- Cooper and the boys arrive and question Mike Gerard (One-Armed Man).
   -- Audrey gets Donna to agree to help her solve the mystery of Laura's
   -- Norma goes to husband Hank's parole meeting.
   -- Cooper's and the boys visit the Lydecker Clinic and confiscate files.
   -- Bobby has rendezvous with Shelly, and she gives him Leo's bloody shirt.
   -- Cooper, Harry, Hawk, and Andy practice in the shooting range.

   Late afternoon/early evening
   -- James runs into Madeleine Ferguson at the RR diner.
   -- Norma gets a call from the prison -- Hank is being paroled.
   -- Ben talks to Jerry about some Icelanders, and then Audrey talks to
      Ben about learning the family business by starting work at the
      department store.
   -- A fax arrives from Albert with a reconstruction of the plastic piece
      found in Laura's stomach. Andy comes across the file on Waldo, a
      mynah bird belonging to Jacques Renault. The cops race to Jacques
      apartment. They find Leo's bloody shirt there, planted by Bobby.

   -- Ben meets Leo by the river and they make plans about setting fire
      to the Mill./
   -- James and Donna go to where they buried the necklace and find it
   -- Pete chats with Josie, then retires. She gets call from Hank Jennings.

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