Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Day of beauty
From: aalanm@phoenix.Princeton.EDU (A Alan Middleton)
Date: 1990-05-07, 17:12

This may not come to happen, but I'd love to see Norma & Shelly show
up at the perfume counter on their "Day of beauty" in the next
episode with Audrey behind the counter.

Just a thought, not a conviction:  If the vision of the gloved hand
digging up the necklace occurs at the time when the event is actually
going on, then (according to the recently-posted timeline -- wow,
thanks) it's hours after it's buried.  This is odd (not impossible) if
Jacoby saw it being hidden and digs it up.  Now here's the thought:
Donna doesn't know about the Bookhouse Boys, that James has nothing to
fear from the police, etc.  Maybe James buries the locket just to shut
Donna up, knowing a BB could retrieve it.  All his confusion over what
could could have happened to it could just be a put-on for Laura, and we
know the BB are hesitant about telling Cooper everything.  This doesn't
explain how Jacoby has the necklace, though, if there's only one.