Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Josie Parker (contains SPOILER info)
From: Jon.Webb@CS.CMU.EDU
Date: 1990-05-07, 11:08

> > Excerpts from 7-May-90 three points Tom
> > Neff@bfmny0.UU.NET (985)

> > 1. The hand that dug up the locket was gloved, I think.  Gloves are often
> > used (in TV and movies) to hide gender.  It may be rash to assume that
> > the digger was male.
But the digger didn't know that someone was standing there with a camera
filming the whole thing, right?  So why would he disguise himself?  He
was also wearing a denim jacket, and looked heavy set.  It's a man
unless Lynch was deliberately misleading us.

It seems to me that Josie Parker might be a lot more involved with
Laura's death than we've been lead to believe so far.  Remember the
pilot?  One of the very first scenes -- perhaps the first, I can't
remember -- is Josie looking into her mirror, putting on makeup.  She
looks very serious, perhaps sad.  This is a strange opening when she has
been mentioned so little in the rest of the series.  Lynch/Frost puts
her in a prominent position, and then virtually ignores her.  But if
she'd just participated in killing Laura, it makes perfect sense.

In line with this, we know that Laura saw her the day she was killed, to
give her English lessons supposedly.  Laura confided in Johnny Hayward;
it seems to me that she might've confided in Josie as well.

And there's Josie's odd association with Norma's husband, who resembles
(for me, at least) the man from Cooper and Sarah Palmer's dream more
than anyone else in the show.

Josie is also dating the Sheriff.  Who else would she seek out if she
was involved in something messy?

Josie has also come on to Pete Martell (when she got the key to the safe
from him her robe was suggestively open).  Pete's the only person other
than the obvious Jacoby/Johnson that I think might've dug up the locket.
 He's also, oddly, invited her to go fishing with him; could it be he
needs to discuss something with her -- either to blackmail her or to
continue their association?

Also, the following SPOILER information:

When my wife asked the journalist who claimed to know the identity of
the killer if he didn't have a speaking part, as she'd heard, he thought
for a moment, and then said ``Of course he did.''  The point is, he had
to think for a moment.  If the killer was somebody really prominent --
Truman or Cooper, say -- he would've known immediately.  He also said
the killer was one of the last people you'd suspect, and that people
might be angry with they find out.  Seems to me that Josie fits the tab
pretty well.

He also said that its none of the kids, and not Hawk or Andy.

-- J