Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Laura or not Laura (was Re: Who Killed Emerald Palmer?)
From: (Wayne Mesard)
Date: 1990-05-07, 16:56
Reply-to: (Wayne Mesard)

tim@hoptoad.UUCP (Tim Maroney) writes:
> >In article <>
> >(Sho Kuwamoto) writes:
>> >>Still, I feel that Madeline is NOT LP.  First, Albert would have done
>> >>found out in the autopsy.
> >
> >How?  Mistaken identity is not any pathological syndrome of which I am
> >aware.
> >
> >Dental records could tell them apart, but he'd have to decide to doubt
> >the positive identifications by people who knew her well to go to the
> >inconvenient step of checking dental records.  What he was after was how
> >the girl died, not who she was.

This would also make sense given the way Albert's character has been
developed.  That is, he is extremely thorough and good at what he does.
And he is extremely unlikable.  What else to do with such a character
but have him lose face for missing something so obvious?