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Subject: Re: Murder to remain unsolved. (Gilligan's Island)
From: perl@step.UUCP (Robert Perlberg)
Date: 1990-05-07, 10:05

In article <>, (Stan Switzer) writes:
> > In article <> (Sean Schur) writes:
>> > > The thing that would break convention to the highest degree
>> > > would be to not ever solve the mystery.
> > 
> > On the contrary: Did Gilligan ever get off the island?

Yes.  In the (I think) second movie after the series.

On a tangent, I heard that the phrase "vast wasteland" was coined by
Newton Minnow, the then chairman of the FCC.  Could the choice of the
name "Minnow" for the boat have been a sort of in-joke?

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