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Subject: Re: Why Lucy Is Mad & Leo<->Hank (?)
From: (Robert Stratton)
Date: 1990-05-07, 10:14
Reply-to: strat@grebyn.UUCP (Robert Stratton)

In article (Jonathan D.) writes:
> >
> >Either that, or Lucy saw him at One-Eyed Jacks while she
> >was working undercover there, and is quite perturbed.

When exactly was Lucy "working undercover" at Jacks??? Or are you musing
about the possibility? I do confess that when Benjamin went there I 
had a fleeting thought that the "new girl" was Lucy, but I decided
it wasn't her. 

Also - Does anyone know/think they know just what Benjamin meant when
(in his clandestine meeting with Leo, where we see dead Bernie)
he said, "Hank said you were a master..." 

Is it possible that Josie hired Hank to knock off Mr. Packard??? That would
at least lend some explanation for the domino picture/phone call that Josie
got from Hank...

God, this is a *damn* good show!
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