Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Minor point about Hank Jennings
From: adamba@microsoft.UUCP (Adam BARR)
Date: 1990-05-08, 12:30

On a preview for the 5/3 episode, they showed Josey opening the
card with the drawing of the 3-3 domino on it, and Hank talking on
the phone and fingering the domino. The announcer's voice said
"Will Josey's pen pal still be her pal when he's out of the pen?".
That's the only mention I'd heard that they were pen pals.

This could just be the announcer being cute. However, it is possible
that Josey, trying to learn English, signed up for a prison pen pal
and got Hank, or maybe arranged to have Hank through Norma, and
that's the extent of their knowledge of each other (i.e. nothing

But, when Hank called her at the end she recognized his voice, which
weakens this theory and makes it more likely that they knew each
other before Hank went to jail. Josey came over six years before,
right? [insert Twilight Zone music here]

On another point, maybe the confusion about how long ago Andrew
Packard died is because the reference to "last year" is not based
on the calendar year, but rather the school year, or the logging
year, or the fiscal year, or something. Also, has anyone said
"a year and a half ago" except Truman to Cooper, explaining that
he had only been seeing Josey for six weeks? I.e., maybe he was 
exaggerating how long Andrew had been dead so that the ratio of
"I've been seeing her" time to "widow" time is only about .08,
versus .12 if he's only been dead for a year...obviously the
.10 level is very important psychologically.

- Adam Barr                  {uw-beaver,uunet}!microsoft!adamba