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Subject: Re: 5/3 Episode and such (longish)
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-05-08, 22:42

In article <>, (Curtis Hill) writes...

} I doubt that Leo got the necklace.  I look for it to be Jacoby, Hawk,
} or Josie.  The gloved hand does make it interesting.

Why Hawk or Josie?

} Big hints for the doubled Laura theory:

} 1) The map behind Cooper during the interrogation of Jacoby.  It had
} Tibet twice, in this fashion:
[fashion deleted]
} Much like the way the murders occured:  on in TP (northeast) one 
} in the southern part of the state.

} 2)  Where was Madeleine from?  Was it the same place that the murder
} occured the previous year?  Joe Bob says check it out.  If this is
} true, then the Tibet map becomes even more interesting.

No, it isn't true. Madeleine said she came from Missoula. I'm assuming
that she means Missoula, Montana. This is southeast of Twin Peaks, not

} Of course, who's to say if the "good" one is dead or not.

I've disagreed with the proposed theories that it's really Madeleine
that's dead and Laura is disguising herself as Madeleine. But, I find
Tim Maroney's suggestion has merit -- that Laura is really Laura and
is really dead, but that Madeleine is really the wild child and was
disguising herself as Laura. The only problem is a logistical one.
How to explain that Madeleine was hanging around TP all the time instead
of being back in Missoula. And how to make sure that the two Lauras
(the real one and the Maddy-in-disguise one) weren't seen in different
places at the same time.

} Also, on the night "Laura" died, it was determined she had sex with
} at least 3 men.  First, toss out Bobby and James.  I doubt they could
} have gotten away with it at Bobby's

I'm not convinced. Despite his attempts at meaningful dialogue, Bobby's
father doesn't seem to have much control over Bobby, and the mother
seems like a wallflower.

} and James seemed to be too shy, whatever, according to the Jacoby tape.

The phrase that Laura used was "too sweet". I think James could easily
have been having a physical relationship with her.

Has anyone given thought that the three men might've been Leo, Jacques,
and Bernard?  While Leo seems too obvious to be *the* killer, it's not
clear that he's not involved somehow. And Jacques' mynah bird is a
possible clue.

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