Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Finley's Fine Twine
From: (Peter Sultan)
Date: 1990-05-08, 14:10

> >pondered why Agent Cooper asked Deputy Andy to purchase a roll of twine
> >before Cooper visits the vet above the convenience store.  Later, Andy gives
> >Cooper a roll of Finley's Fine Twine (fine=thin or fine=quality ?), but
> >Coop doesn't do anything with it. Why?

Albert had determined that Laura had been tied up
with finley twine.  cooper told andy to buy finley
twine *specifically* (i.e. not just buy *any* twine)
at the store next to the vet's.  if finley twine
were available at *that* store, it increases the 
likelyhood that the killer had a connection with the
vet.  if there had been no finley twine there, cooper
would not have impounded the records of the vet. recall
that he ordered the files seized only *after* andy came
in with the twine.  no mystery here, only *damn* fine
detective work...