Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Finley's Fine Twine
From: (Jonathan Levine)
Date: 1990-05-08, 15:29
Reply-to: jlevine

In article <> (Charles Hawkins Mingo) writes:

	   With all this analyses of various minor details (e.g. significance
   of color red, favorite brands of gum, etc), I'm surprised that noone has
   pondered why Agent Cooper asked Deputy Andy to purchase a roll of twine
   before Cooper visits the vet above the convenience store.  Later, Andy gives
   Cooper a roll of Finley's Fine Twine (fine=thin or fine=quality ?), but
   Coop doesn't do anything with it. Why?  I predict the roll of twine will
   turn up this week.

	The twine is suggested by Albert, whose autopsy report says that Laura was
tied up with two kinds of twine.  If the killer was the one who tied her,
then it would make sense he'd frequent the convenience store he lived
above.  Coop must be looking for probable cause (beyond "We lived among the
people, above -- I think you say, 'convenience store.'")