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Subject: Re: Laura or not Laura (was Re: Who Killed Emerald Palmer?)
From: tim@hoptoad.uucp (Tim Maroney)
Date: 1990-05-08, 00:21
Reply-to: tim@hoptoad.UUCP (Tim Maroney)

In article <826@Intrepid.ECE.UKans.EDU> bgingric@Intrepid.ECE.UKans.EDU
(Barry Gingrich) writes:
> >I've got faith in Albert.  He's very very thorough.  Remember, he had very
> >little time with the body.  ("Who knows what I could have come up with...")
> >He's also still assimilating all the information.  If it really is *not*
> >Laura that's dead, I bet he'll notice something odd.

Like what?  Like I said, mistaken identity is not a physical syndrome.
He'd have to check the dental records, and I can believe he wouldn't --
especially since it would mean dealing with another resident of Twin
Peaks to get them.

> >Albert's still working on the case...he keeps giving regular updates, so 
> >he hasn't finished yet.  If it really *was* Madeleine that got killed, I'd
> >bet that Albert will be the first to make that guess.  Second choice would
> >be James Hurley.

James is pretty dumb.  Anyway, I'm now inclined to believe that Laura
was in fact the dead girl, while Madelyn had been playing her part in
high school and possibly elsewhere for a while -- including being the
friend of Donna and James.  That explains the hair, and why Albert
wouldn't have noticed any dye or a mismatch between the color and her
vital statistics.  Madelyn was dying her hair blonde; Laura's hair was
natural.  This also explains Cooper's statement about who killed Laura
Palmer when he woke up from the dream -- it really was Laura who was

> >I still say that "Madeleine" didn't really look all
> >that sad at the's a long shot, but it's still very possible
> >that Maddy is really Laura.

I don't know about the funeral -- dark glasses hide a lot -- but there
is a better clue, as I've pointed out.  There's just no way that
Madelyn was reacting to James as she would to a stranger.  Go back
and check if you don't know what I'm talking about....
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