Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Two Reasons Why Doc Hayward Killed Laura Palmer
From: (Kem Luther)
Date: 1990-05-08, 13:42

In article <54513@microsoft.UUCP> jonn@microsoft.UUCP (Jon NEWMAN) writes:

> >(1)  The Hayward family is just too normal for David Lynch.
> >Lynch is known for presenting the twisted side of American
> >Normalbuerger, so there must be something wrong with the one
> >sane, non-adulterous, non-drug-dealing, generally Norman
> >Rockwellian family in Twin Peaks.

Sometimes Lynch shows the abnormal by contrasting it with the
hypernormal.  Case in point, Blue Velvet.  The policeman family
of Jeff's girlfriend is normal beyond the point of realism.  Nothing
in BV suggests the slightest defect there.  This heightens all the
more the utter violence of Frank and his followers.

Not to say that Donna's family might not turn out to be in the 
other category, but I see no reason to suspect it.  For that matter
there are a bunch of too-perfect roles in TP, and they may stay
that way.  This is not an afternoon soap.  Maybe Andy really is
supersensitive, maybe Lucy is and will remain as pure as snow,
maybe Truman and the Bookhouse boys are the forces of justice, and
maybe Cooper is Buddha and Solomon redivivus.

Maybe I'm wrong.