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Subject: Re: Two Reasons Why Doc Hayward Killed Laura Palmer
From: larry@celia.UUCP (Larry Weinberg)
Date: 1990-05-08, 18:14
Reply-to: celia! (Larry Weinberg)

In article <54513@microsoft.UUCP> jonn@microsoft.UUCP (Jon NEWMAN) writes:
> >(1)  The Hayward family is just too normal for David Lynch.
> >(2)  Remember when Donna Hayward snuck away the night after
> >Laura Palmer was discovered?  Daddy found out -- was he as worried
> >as one might expect?  Why not?

I've been following similar thought about "Good" Ol Doc Hayward.

What really makes me think he knows something is that he made a point
about being the Doctor who delivered Laura Palmer.
Now, if there's some switcheroo with Laura and Maddy, I find it hard
to believe that they could be  just cousins.  I find it more likely
that they are actually twin sisters who were seperated at birth.

The Doc who delivered them would know this.

How this was hidden from the rest of the family is beyond me.
(Maybe it wasn't)


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