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Subject: Re: Various points gleaned from reviewing the TP extant TP episodes
From: petersen@netcom.UUCP (Barbara Petersen)
Date: 1990-05-08, 04:59

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(Dave Mack) writes:

> > Bad news - they have ducks in both DC and Chicago. Cooper's from
> > some place farther away. Mars, probably.

Actually, as a "from out in left field" sort of theory, this could work.  If
the suggestions that Killer Bob and Mike are time travelers/extraterrestrials
are correct, perhaps Cooper is also an extraterrestrial of some sort, pursuing
Bob and Mike through time and space.  This could explain things like Cooper's
extraordinary feats of memory and marksmanship, his delight at seemingly 
ordinary elements of life in Twin Peaks, his almost-too-quick arrival in Twin
Peaks after the murder, the fast turnaround on his communications with Diane,
and so on....

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