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Subject: Re: Who Killed Emerald Palmer?
From: duane@thismoment.EBay.Sun.COM (Duane Day)
Date: 1990-05-08, 11:54

In article <>, (Cisco's Buddy) writes:

[re: likelihood that Albert would have figured it out if corpse was really

> > Except that if he was thorough enough to discover particles of pumice on
> > the back of her neck, he was *bound* to notice that her hair was dyed,
> > or discovered traces of hair dye.

We're having that argument here at Sun, too.  Do we have any evidence that
Laura Palmer, either the corpse or the girl in the photographs or videos,
was a natural blonde?  If not, then hair dye wouldn't even have been
mentioned.  Dark roots appear to be a possibility in the videotape;
I couldn't tell for sure.

What about the theory that "DAY 1" in the diary refers to the first day
of an agreement between L & M to swap places?  Who would they have needed
to tell?  Donna?  Jacoby?  Who seems to be holding out a lot of info
lately?  Donna?  Jacoby?

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