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Subject: Re: Why Lucy Is Mad & Leo<->Hank (?)
From: duane@thismoment.EBay.Sun.COM (Duane Day)
Date: 1990-05-08, 13:21

In article <>, (Robert Stratton) writes:
> > When exactly was Lucy "working undercover" at Jacks??? Or are you musing
> > about the possibility? I do confess that when Benjamin went there I 
> > had a fleeting thought that the "new girl" was Lucy, but I decided
> > it wasn't her. 

I'm not sure.  I've gone back and looked at it a couple of times, but
I couldn't tell for certain.  One thing, though - at the end of that
episode, there are no credits for "new girl at one-eyed jacks" or
anything else that could be the new girl.  So, either she made the 
"guest star" list for the week (I haven't checked that possibility) or
she's someone we know; I think she was on camera long enough to deserve
a credit somewhere.

If anyone else has a definitive answer to this question, I'd like to hear
it, myself.
> > Also - Does anyone know/think they know just what Benjamin meant when
> > (in his clandestine meeting with Leo, where we see dead Bernie)
> > he said, "Hank said you were a master..." 

I believe he says "Hank said you were gifted."  I assume this means that
Hank told Ben that Leo was a talented practicioner of a wide array of
felonies.  The reference was probably there principally to let the
attentive viewer know that Hank knew both Ben and Leo, but probably

> > Is it possible that Josie hired Hank to knock off Mr. Packard??? That would
> > at least lend some explanation for the domino picture/phone call that Josie
> > got from Hank...

It's possible that she hired him to do it, but it isn't possible that he's
the one who did it; he was in prison at the time (he's done a few years,
I believe, and Andrew Packard died either "last year" or "a year and a half
ago" (depending on which character you believe.)  This doesn't rule out the
possibility that Josie had hired Hank to kill Andrew; perhaps he had the
accident that led to his incarceration while he was on the way to kill

> > God, this is a *damn* good show!

Amen to that.

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