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Subject: Re: Why Lucy Is Mad & Leo<->Hank (?)
From: bgingric@Intrepid.ECE.UKans.EDU (Barry Gingrich)
Date: 1990-05-08, 20:29

In article <1776@male.EBay.Sun.COM> duane@thismoment.EBay.Sun.COM (Duane Day) writes:
> >In article <>, (Robert Stratton) writes:
>> >> had a fleeting thought that the "new girl" was Lucy, but I decided
>> >> it wasn't her. 
> >I'm not sure.  I've gone back and looked at it a couple of times, but
> >I couldn't tell for certain.  One thing, though - at the end of that
> >episode, there are no credits for "new girl at one-eyed jacks" or
> >anything else that could be the new girl.  So, either she made the 
> >"guest star" list for the week (I haven't checked that possibility) or
> >she's someone we know; I think she was on camera long enough to deserve
> >a credit somewhere.

Yeah, but so were the other girls at One Eyed Jacks.  
None of them recieved a credit.  And none of them are 
Lucy, either.  The girl in question looks nothing like 
Lucy to me.  She was an extra, nothing more (yet).

How dare you insinuate that Lucy is anything less than 
completely morally upstanding...Andy (if he were real)
would take your head off...assuming he didn't knock
himself out on the backswing.  It's not Lucy.  I'm sure.

About seems like every smallish town has a 
cop that all the kids call "Barney".  You know the 
one...skinny guy, hat's too big for his head, has only
one bullet (kept in pocket, of course), shoots the
gas pump by accident because he thinks it's somebody
robbing the station (true story, Erie, KS)...
-- - Barry OR bgingric@Intrepid.ECE.UKans.EDU