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Subject: Re: Baseball and Psychology
From: duane@thismoment.EBay.Sun.COM (Duane Day)
Date: 1990-05-09, 11:17

In article <10683@yunexus.UUCP>, logan@yunexus.UUCP (Beryl Logan) writes:
> > While I was telling a non-twinpeaks friend (an oxymoron?) about the
> > baseball scene, I had a thought...
> > Might it not be the case that the greatest psychological, or
> > sub-conscious, reaction would result in the widest miss of the ball
> > rather than the direct hit.  The direct hit would seem to imply the
> > least unbalance rather than the most.

What ball? :-)

> > Which character elicited the WIDEST miss???

Johnny Horne - his *rock* (as in "Let's") hit a metal barrel yards away.

Shelley Johnson's rock was the one that bounced off of a tree and hit Andy
on the head.  Could that be significant?  Will Andy perhaps die in the
act of saving Shelley (or trying to arrest her)?  His incompetence with
his gun might be a significant factor, too.

Josie's and Norma's rocks were also very close - Josie's hit the stump
the bottle was sitting on, and Norma's bounced some dirt up at the bottle.
Of course, as most of us know, Jacoby's rock hit the bottle and knocked
it off the stump, but didn't break it.  Leo's rock was a perfect hit and
broke the bottle, instantly dispelling any lightness of mood that was present.

(*Great* direction in that whole sequence, Mr. Lynch...)

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