Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Finley's Fine Twine
From: (Malachi Orion Kelerison)
Date: 1990-05-09, 07:17

In article <> (Charles Hawkins Mingo) writes:
> >Hi There,
> >	With all this analyses of various minor details (e.g. significance
> >of color red, favorite brands of gum, etc), I'm surprised that noone has
> >pondered why Agent Cooper asked Deputy Andy to purchase a roll of twine
> >before Cooper visits the vet above the convenience store.  Later, Andy gives
> >Cooper a roll of Finley's Fine Twine (fine=thin or fine=quality ?), but
> >Coop doesn't do anything with it. Why?  I predict the roll of twine will
> >turn up this week.
> >			Charlie ('mingo'@well)

Whoops. You missed it. Albert's report identifies the brand of twine as
Finley's Fine Twine. Then Cooper has Andy go to the conveneince store right
next to the vet to see what brand of twine Lydecker was using. Before Andy
hands Cooper the twine he says the name of the brand and then checks it
against the label. Match. Evidence says the vet, Lydecker did it.

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