Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Make it a double
From: (Paul Raveling)
Date: 1990-05-09, 08:30

In article <7197@ur-cc.UUCP>, (Ben
Wright) writes:
> > 
> > For one thing: a lot of people are hot on the idea of Laura and Madeline
> > switching places.  I persoanlly am not.  However, supposing that the two
> > cousins *did* switch, hair dye seems to be the central hang-up.  As far
> > as I can tell, most people see this as a problem because Laura's dead
> > body (actually Madeline's in this theory) would have evidence of hair
> > dye.  My idea is this - what about Madeline being a natural blonde and
> > Laura, posing as Madeline, is the one with her hair (dyed black)?

	The main counter-argument would be that at least one shot of
	"Laura" (the victim, anyway) clearly showed blond hair
	with dark roots.  If they switched identities, it seems
	more likely that they were both natural brunettes.

	Either could have dyed to blond, and if they switched when Laura
	was blond then she would have had to dye back to brunette
	to become Madeleine.  That's unless Madeleine was also blond then,
	which might have been long ago.

	But if Madeleine was a natural brunette then, and they did switch,
	and it wasn't a LONG time ago (to let her hair completely grow out),
	"Madeleine" (real Laura) would now have 2 distinctive dyes
	on her hair  --  blond under brunette.  Maybe Albert should check
	the living as well as the dead.

	Or maybe they didn't switch identities after all.  Still,
	there's something damned suspicious about "sweet Madeleine"'s
	arrival on the scene.

Paul Raveling