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Subject: Re: Twin Peaks - One Armed Man
From: (bmay)
Date: 1990-05-09, 10:17
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In article <9280003@hp-ptp.HP.COM> johnc@hp-ptp.HP.COM (John_Cates) writes:

> > Did you notice though, that when Cooper asked him how he lost his arm,
> > he said something like, "in a car accident, I was going from (some state)
> > to. . .", he seems to remember where he started his fatefull trip but 
> > doesn't seem to remember where he was headed, wouldn't a person remember
> > details of something so traumatic as loosing an arm?

People often have amnesia after severe trauma.  E.g. Brian Wilson, the
protester who lost his legs when struck by the train leaving (forgot
name) nuclear weapons plant, has total amnesia of the accident *and the
four hours preceding it*.
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