Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Josie and TWIN PEAKS
From: (Larry Evans)
Date: 1990-05-10, 09:16

I was just thinking about the article posted yesterday about
Josie.  The poster stated that the first character shown in
the Movie Pilot was Josie and that she looked very sad while
applying her make-up.  I remember thinking it was strange,
(after viewing the pilot a second time), that scene was the
first scene in the movie.  

I starting thinking why Josie was sad and I've decided that
she didn't kill Laura but she's connected somehow.  She was
sad because she already KNEW that Laura was dead, she knew
before Pete discovered the body OUTSIDE HER MILL.  Why
was the Laura's body dumped THERE?  Was it a warning to
Josie that she would be the next victim?  

Is the Mill a sawmill, I can't remember sitting here at work?
If it is, logs at the saw mill,  LOG LADY,  Laura's body
wrapped up like a log left outside the LOG MILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any Ideas!

Damn this is so much fun,  I called "TWIN PEAKS"  Active TV,
compared to others shows where the tv viewers are just passive

NOTE:  Josie was sad while putting on her make-up, does anyone
       remember the song that goes something like:  
       " da ...put on a happy face...."