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Subject: Popularity of TP
From: rhyne@qaddafi.usa (Tom Rhyne)
Date: 1990-05-10, 08:10

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   Also -- if you think this isn't a yuppie fad -- I was walking home from
   the church last night and these three "suits" strolled by on their way
   to some UES meat market/watering hole or other; overheard them saying
   "Can you believe what I did last week -- forget to tape Twin Peaks"
   and the other two go "DAMN! you idiot" so he says "well I did watch it
   though..." and on into the night.  Seniors may be tuning out, but
   thirtysomethings are glued to the set.

I had a similar experience here at MCC yesterday.  We had a press
event covering some CAD work we're doing--ten or so editors from the
national electronics media.  At lunch, I brought a slice of dark fruit
pie.  The editor sitting across from me, a rather staid gentleman, saw
the pie, asked if it were "huckelberry," and then suggested we get a
glass of wine.  I expected him to compliment our coffee next.  He,
too, is a TP fan.

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