Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Baseball and Psychology
From: (Sho Kuwamoto)
Date: 1990-05-10, 10:50

In article <> bmay@yoda.UUCP () writes:
> >In article <10683@yunexus.UUCP> logan@yunexus.UUCP (Beryl Logan) writes:
>> >>Might it not be the case that the greatest psychological, or
>> >>sub-conscious, reaction would result in the widest miss of the ball [...]
>> >>
>> >>Which character elicited the WIDEST miss???
> >
> >We can't say, because he didn't make a throw after saying "One-Eyed Jack's".
> >That omission struck me as strange at the time, even more so once the poker
> >chip is found in Laura's stomach.

Remember, this was not just some random stunt to figure out who to
question next.  It was an attempt to find out the meaning of "Nervous
about meeting J. tonight."  

* If you were writing a diary entry to yourself, would you write
  something like this unless you were referring to an actual person?
I'm not sure who got the widest miss (for Johnny Horne he hit the
trash can.  I forget whose name was called when he hit the tree and
Andy's head.) but I don't think the original hypothesis is correct.
It's an interesting idea, but I think Cooper's subconscious intuition
*guides* his throwing arm.

Coming back to the diary, keep in mind that she was presumably writing
it for herself.  Everyone seems to call Leo Johnson by his first name,
so it seems that you would write "Nervous about meeting L. tonight."

My guess: J. is Jacques.  The bottle broke on Leo, because his
intuition told him it was Leo, or had something to do with Leo, and he
didn't know about Jacques at the time.

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