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Subject: Re: Finley's Fine Twine
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-05-10, 23:15

In article <>, (Peter Sultan) writes...

} Albert had determined that Laura had been tied up with finley twine.

No, he determined that Laura had been tied up on two separate occasions.
In one case, they identified the brand of twine as being Finley's. The
other had not been (as of the 5/3 episode) identified.

} cooper told andy to buy finley twine *specifically* (i.e. not just buy
} *any* twine) at the store next to the vet's.

No, again. He told Andy to buy some twine. He didn't specify a brand.
When Andy brought the twine into the vet's, Coop said, "Hand me the
Finley's Fine Twine," as if he knew that that was the brand sold in
the store.

} if finley twine were available at *that* store, it increases the 
} likelyhood that the killer had a connection with the vet.

Why? Finley's Fine Twine would seem to be a very common brand.

} if there had been no finley twine there, cooper would not have
} impounded the records of the vet.

On what basis do you make this claim?

} recall that he ordered the files seized only *after* andy came
} in with the twine.

Only because he hadn't gotten around to it.

By the by, in response to other comments on the subject, Coop did *not*
use the twine to bind the vet files. When the cops brought the files
into the station, they were in boxes with lids just sitting on top.
No evidence of being bound.

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