Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: mirror image
From: (Jeff Williamson)
Date: 1990-05-10, 19:45

In article <> (Chris Brooks) writes:
> >
> >In the May 3rd episode, the scene between Donna and Audrey--
> >
> >They are discussing cooperating in solving Laura's murder.  Did anyone
> >have the feeling of opposites or a mirror image?  Part of the "twins"
> >feeling, but reversed.
> >
> >I got this impression from various aspects of the scene--hair styles,
> >for example.  They were similar, but parted on opposite sides of the
> >head.  When the two girls were shown together, it seemed mirror-like to
> >me.

Interesting point. And reflect also on the "good girl" image/"bad girl" image
duality between the two. I say image because I think Audrey is less corrupt
than Donna. Note that in tonight's episode (5/10) Jacobi said that "Laura
liked to corrupt people because that was how she viewed herself". And Donna
and James are "closer to her than anyone".

Another fun touch from the 5/3 Audrey/Donna bathroom scene: did anyone 
notice the "heartbeat" pattern on the bathroom walls? It may not be 
significant, but it was amusing.

What relevance does James' family life have to do with the series? I have a 
couple of theories:

(1) None whatsoever, but it provided a nice lead-in to "we'll never have any
secrets from each other". I don't think Donna will keep up her end of the

(2) Maybe Blackie is James' mother? I like this one the more I think about it.

--magik (aka

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