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Subject: Some silly reference questions.
From: (rON. (
Date: 1990-05-10, 23:54
Reply-to: (rON. (

Just a few quick questions:

1) My mother heard lyrics to the theme song for TP (on a new-age station).
Does anybody have the artists name and a copy of the lyrics?

2) Who played the part of 'The man from another place' (the midget in coopers

3) Can someone mail me the name of the person who is the clearinghouse for
videotape requests, I am needing a copy of the premier.

4) Was the scene with Bobby and Shelly broadcast (the scene where she gives
him Leo's bloody shirt, episode 4)? Our station pre-empted TP last thrusday
to broadcast some anti-drug thing and I suspect that they may have cut this
scene from thier tape- can anybody confirm this? (If so- I am going to need
a copy of the 4th episode as well!)

Thanks in advance:

rON. (!
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