Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Why Twin Peaks is weird
From: (Michael R. Hall)
Date: 1990-05-10, 14:23

My theory is that the people of Twin Peaks are weird because of some
sort of chemical. In case you haven't noticed, just about everyone in
Twin Peaks is crazy, and those who aren't crazy eventually reveal a
strange side. Also, it seems like the newcomers are less crazy than
the old-timers. Agent Cooper is interesting, since he is not a native,
but finds the natives very likeable, because he is a bit screwy

I think mercury contamination might have the effect of making
everyone crazy. If not mercury, then something else. It could be
natural (swamp gas carried by those nightly winds?) or man-made
(pollution from the paper mill.) Whatever it is, it is clear that the
contamination has been there for many generations (hence the old
secret society.)
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