Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: #5
From: (Paul Raveling)
Date: 1990-05-11, 08:38

	Nomination for best line:	"I want to cook for you!"

	The raven's appearance at the points where we expect the
	"away team" may discover Bernie's body may suggest why both
	Laura's and Bernie's bodies were wrapped as they were.  The
	omnivorous raven is usually among the first animals to scavenge
	a fresh carcass.  I suspect Leo of wrapping corpses so that
	scavengers will first go for the head.

	It's looking more like Jaques and Leo are the prime murderers,
	but I still have doubts about Ben.  I'll wager that Leo will
	be one, and that he'll be killed in episode 7, leaving the
	question of who among his legion of enemies will have killed him.

	And what's this bit about Ben now seemingly being in cahoots
	with BOTH Catherine and Josie?  Is he a "double agent" for
	Josie?  ... or just selling out to the highest bidder?
	Considering his warning to Leo, he's probably contacted Hank
	already.  When he tells Josie something like "it's set for
	tomorrow night", does he mean Leo burning the mill or some
	sort of "counterattack" by Hank?

	That walk-on of Scott Frost's was nearly a splash-on.  He's
	the smiling Icelander who listens to Ben's dumb joke about
	crossing a Norwegian with a Swede as Sylvia dumps her drink
	on Ben's shoe.

Paul Raveling