Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: 5/10 episode, Laura's MO
From: adamba@microsoft.UUCP (Adam BARR)
Date: 1990-05-11, 12:31

I thought it was fairly amusing the way Jacoby gets through to
Bobby and he immediately sleepwalks to the couch and lies down
on it.

Anyway, da big bad Bobcat tells us that Laura liked to corrupt
everyone around her. So, who has she corrupted...

Bobby: Made him sell drugs so she could buy them.

Donna: In the flashback that James had when Cooper and Truman were
questioning him, we see Laura and Donna dancing around. Now, were
they also using coke? You could see something glistening beside
Laura's nose, but I couldn't tell what it was. Well, let's assume
Laura got Donna on coke so she would have someone to use it with.

Ronette: Got her to put an add in Flesh World along with Laura's
(BTW what was Leo's truck doing in there? "Studly wife-beating
truck driver seeks new object of affection"??), and also work
at One-Eyed Jack's with her.

Now for some speculation...

Jacoby: Made him lust after teenage girls again (could be what he
meant by "I thought nobody would ever reach me again").

Norma: While helping with Meals on Wheels she planted the idea of
ditching Hank once he got paroled.

Josey: Infected her spoken English with incorrect versions of
slang expressions.

James: Maybe he was too stupid to get corrupted. That's why she was
complaining about it to Dr. Jacoby.

About Madeleine (or however you spell it) and Laura switching places
a while ago, that seems a little far-fetched. Laura was a pretty sick
pup and M would have had a tough time keeping up with her social
schedule. More likely that she just used M's body (first Laura
tied her up and substituted her for herself, then Jacques et al
tied her up again. This would imply that everyone (all the
killers) knew what was going on, and the whole thing, including
the damage done to Ronette, was an elaborate way for Laura to drop
out of circulation). Probably "Laura the Corrupter" would not have
any qualms about killing M.

It is possible that M always had blond hair, like Laura.
Who would a) know this and b) be in a position to say "M, you dyed
you hair"? Leland wasn't noticing much of anything, nor was Mrs.
Palmer, and anyone else in town wouldn't have seen M for a long
time -- so dark hair might not cause any suspicion. Also, I might
be paranoid but it could be that M's glasses are looks
like she takes them off at random times, the way someone would
if they were making their nose itch and they didn't REALLY need
them to see clearly.

How about those teasers for the next show!! Cooper visits One-Eyed
Jacks (was that Truman with him wearing a fake mustache??), someone
who might be Laura calls Dr. Jacoby (maybe that's a flashback),
and Leo (miraculously recovered) takes pot-shots at Bobby and Shelly!!

- Adam Barr            {uunet,uw-beaver}!microsoft!adamba