Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: All Hail the Log Lady! (Twin Peaks)
From: jellinghaus-robert@CS.Yale.EDU (Rob Jellinghaus)
Date: 1990-05-11, 07:59

The Log Lady is such a huge piece of genius I can't believe I survived
watching her twice last night.  (We replayed the episode immediately after
taping it.)

Shut your eyes and you'll burst into flames.  It's been suggested that this
is another dig at Cooper & co. not seeing that she (or rather, her log) has
something to say.  But we must remember that there _is_ an arson being
planned!  And I won't even MENTION the dissertation on fire--oh yes I will

	Fire is the devil, hiding like a coward in the smoke.

Margaret's husband was burned to death, wasn't he?!

I'm still undecided at Audrey's crying while watching Leland dance.  IF she
was crying as an empathic reaction to his pain, then it is clearly the case
that Sarah, Leland, Audrey, the Log Lady, and to a limited extent all of
Laura's relatives are on the same psychic wavelength.  (Could ALL of these
people be related???)

I can't wait for the epic Battle to the Finish between the forces of Light
and Dark.  Of course, one of the nice things about this series is how many
people are continually going back and forth--such as JOSIE PACKARD??!!  Wow,
I wasn't expecting that.  I'm just psyched for Dale mano-a-mano with Hank!

I have five scary words for you:  Leo with a sniper's rifle.

Whoever said that the blood on the donuts was funny, I can't agree.  I was
screaming for minutes after I saw that.  It CAN'T be good.  How long did
we think this could go on without one of the good guys getting wasted?  Andy?
Why HAS he been drinking so much caffeinated coffee, anyhow?  Is he a Book-
house Boy?  If not, why not?

I want more details about the Satan worshippers in the forest.  The circle
of candles?  Why?  There were lots of dream clues in the red room, as you
would expect, but not a lot of new clues--except for the film, of course.
So nice how they keep discovering new items which they wait until the next
episode to tell us about; it sure keeps *me* in suspense....

I really like Dale in a double-breasted suit with thin-framed glasses.  And
Ed's mustache is a riot!

I want to see Jacoby get his, after the way he used Laura's inside informa-
tion to work Bobby over.  Although a friend isn't convinced he's being sin-
cere, and she makes a good point.  He didn't really love her anyway, and he
seems to be tighter with Mike than with Laura.  Can what he says about having
been dragged into the drug ring by Laura be true?  How did Mike get involved,
then?  And why did Bobby lie to Shelley about Leo's location, if he really
did see Leo the night Laura was killed?  (Did we ever resolve that question?
I know it's come up before.)

It may be impossible to say who is just plain bad and who got corrupted by
someone else; everyone seems to be corrupting everyone... except for the
Dream Team, Leo, and Hank on the dark side, and the Bookhouse Boys and Dale
on the light side.  But who knows?  What with the Hank-Josie connection, I
can't be sure of anything these days.

Anyway, that's enough for now.  How much better can this _get_?

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