Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Canadian Content
From: alanm@cognos.UUCP (Alan Myrvold)
Date: 1990-05-11, 06:38

In article <8329@cognos.UUCP> perryd@cognos.UUCP () writes:
> >                    Just in case any of you Americans think we Canadians
> >are all a bunch of Psychopathic sex fiends with loose morals.

Actually, with the exception of Perry, we ARE all Psychopathic sex fiends
with loose morals. :-)

And to continue the Canadian twist ... on CTV's Canada AM this morning,
Norm declared that "The only thing more complicated than Meech Lake on TV
these days is Twin Peaks".

                                                 - Al
Ob. Disclaimers : 
  1) Ok, it is a paraphrase, not a quote. 
  2) If you don't understand what Meech Lake is about, you're 
     qualified to become a Canadian Prime Minister.