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Subject: Everybody do "The Leland"
From: (Robert Steven Glickstein)
Date: 1990-05-11, 13:48

Yow (re: 5/10).

One of the few shows ever which, several times per hour, makes me say
"Aha!" -- immediately following which I realize I'm more confused than

In any case, it should now be pretty clear what the story is.  Here's my
take on it:

Leo murders Laura.  Several days later, Shelly shoots him.  Severely
wounded, Leo realizes that his being shot was, at least in part, a
consequence of his having murdered Laura.  He travels several days back
into the past, to warn Leo-prime not to kill Laura, otherwise Leo-prime
will be shot by Shelly-prime.  Leo-naught dies, his shirt a bloody mess.
 Leo-prime takes Leo-naught's shirt to Jacques-prime as proof that he
was visited by Leo-naught.  Leo-prime explains to Jacques-prime why they
mustn't kill Laura-prime -- at least, not yet.  Leo-prime arrives home
and has Shelly-prime wash his laundry while he tries to think of a plan.
 Shelly-prime finds the bloodstained shirt and hides it.  Laura-prime,
who is still alive, decides to masquerade as her cousin Madeleine. 
Several days later, Laura-prime calls Jacoby-prime.  Meanwhile,
Leo-prime stalks Shelly-prime with a sniper's rifle, since by
eliminating her, he becomes free to murder Laura-prime (which was his
original plan, for reasons unknown) without fear of being shot ("again").

The only confusion arises from the fact that the audience is being shown
both timeline-naught and timeline-prime, intermixed.

Clearly, the major concern for next week is keeping Laura-prime from
dying.  Mr. Palmer, who is in touch with both timelines because of his
innate temporal instability, is aware of this danger, and of his
inability to do anything about it.  It is this realization that drives
him to dance "The Leland."

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