Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Josie Packard
From: Jon.Webb@CS.CMU.EDU
Date: 1990-05-11, 07:13

It looks like I was right about Josie.  Here's what I think happened:

Thursday, Laura goes to see Josie for her English lesson.  Maybe there's
more going on between them than English lessons, I don't know.  Anyway,
Laura trusts Josie and confides in her some terrible secret she's found
out.  What Laura doesn't realize is that Josie is also involved in
whatever terrible thing is going on.  After Laura leaves, Josie gets in
touch with person X and tells him Laura has to die, she's found out
about what's going on.  So person X and Jacques arranges to take Laura
and Ronnette to Jacques's cabin, which they had done before, have sex
with them there, and then they kill Laura.  They leave Laura's body
there and go set up the railroad scene with Ronette.  While they're
gone, Waldo has a gnaw on Laura's shoulder.  They come back, wrap up
Laura, and leave her body near the sawmill.  Next morning, Josie knows
that Laura was murdered, and is sad while putting on her makeup.

In ``Laura'' the very first person you encounter is the murderer.  A
somewhat odd touch.  Seems to me that the same technique might be used
here.  (The first person we encountered is Josie.)

I don't know who person X is.  I don't know why they put the letter 'R`
under Laura's fingernail, or any of the `FIRE, WALK WITH ME' stuff. 
Probably person X is the same person who killed Teresa Banks, and likes
that sort of stuff; who knows.  It doesn't seem that likely, to me, that
person X would have had enough knowledge of Teresa Banks's murder to
fool Cooper unless they somehow got access to police files (e.g., if
they knew or were the local Sheriff).  I don't even know why they dumped
Laura's body near the sawmill, but I'll bet it had something to do with
a message for Josie.

-- J