Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Log Lady Scene transcript
From: (David McIntyre)
Date: 1990-05-11, 14:55

The Log Lady scene seems to be terribly important, so I spent half an hour
typing in the script.  This will help those of you without a vcr.  It also
made me realize the amazing writing happening here!


The Log Lady Scene

Transcripted by Dave McIntyre (

LL: Log Lady.
C : Dale Cooper
S : Sheriff HST
D : Doc
H : Deputy Hawk

LL: About time you got here.  They move so slowly when they're not afraid.
C'mon then; my log does not judge.

[ they enter the cabin ]

LL: I've got tea.  I've got cookies.  No cake.

C: Well that's very kind of you, but I don't believe that we...
	[ cut off by Hawk ]

H: What kind of cookies?

LL: Sugar.  The owls won't see us in here.

D: A cup of tea would be very nice.

[ Sheriff and Cooper share a meaningful look ]

LL: Shut your eyes and you'll burst into flames.

S: Thanks Margaret.

[ They all sit ]

LL: We'll let it steep.

[ Cooper touches a cookie, LL slaps his hand ]

LL: Wait for the tea!  The fish aren't running!

S: You've been expecting us, Margaret.

LL: You're two days late.  But that's your concern.  My log saw something,
something significant.

C: What did your log see?

LL: Tea first.  Then be ready.

[ She pours tea ]

S: Thank you.

LL: My husband was a logging man.  

C: Oh?

LL: He met the devil.  Fire is the devil hiding like a coward in the smoke.

D: It was the day after the wedding, wasn't it, Margaret?

H: The wood holds many spirits, doesn't it Margaret?

[ LL picks up the log ]

LL: You can ask it now.

[ C looks to S to make sure it's ok ]

C: What did you see that night, the night Laura Palmer was killed?

LL: Shhh. I'll do the talking.  Dark.  Laughing.  The owls were flying.
Many things were blocked.  Laughing.  Two men, two girls.  Flashlights
pass by in the woods over the ridge.  The owls were near.  The dark was,
was pressing in on her.  Quiet then, later footsteps.  One man passed by.
Screams, far away. Terrible.  Terrible.  One voice...

C: Man or girl?

LL: Girl.  Further up, over the ridge, the owls were silent.

[ end of scene, lot's of uncomfortable looks between the boys ]
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