Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Net Traffic Musings
From: perryd@cognos.UUCP (Perry Devetzis)
Date: 1990-05-11, 06:13
Reply-to: perryd@cognos.UUCP ()

Just my two drachmas worth on some of the net traffic.

1. Lucy is not, repeat not the new girl at Jack's.  After reviewing the
video tapes it is definately not her.  As to why she is giving Deputy Andy
the cold sholder, I believe she has the screaming thigh sweats for Cooper.
Besides Andy would know if she was working undercover at Jack's.

2. The dead body is definately Laura Palmer.  No matter how much you dislike
him Albert would not have missed this.  Even if he didn't have a chance to
drill into her forehead.

3. Favorite lines from the show so far:

      Gerry Horne : "Next stop...rocket science.
      Pete Martell : "You mean your whole country is above the timber line?"

4. By the way gambling, prostitution and cocaine  are all very illegal in 
British Columbia (This is the Canadian Province directly north of 
Washington State).  Just in case any of you Americans think we Canadians
are all a bunch of Psychopathic sex fiends with loose morals.

5. As a side note British Columbia has a very small French Canadian population
yet both Bernie and Jacques Renault were/are French Canadian.  Hmmmm?