Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Raven; F.B.I.S.A. Dale Cooper Fan Club
From: aalanm@phoenix.Princeton.EDU (A Alan Middleton)
Date: 1990-05-11, 13:29

My boyfriend is posting this for me (you can bet he's real secure).

1)  I think it's a raven, 'cause of the beak.  I think it's supposed to
be Laura's spirit, a la Hawk.  Does anybody know what ravens are good
for in Northwest Indian legend?  I know they're important.  Did you
notice the full-frame shot of the raven's eye, how it was like the
similar shot of Laura's eye from the video in the pilot?  Also, I think
there was stuff reflected in the raven's eye, but I couldn't see what.

2)  I agree with the previous poster that S.A. Cooper ("Just 'Agent,'
Audrey...'*Special* Agent.'") is hot stuff.  I think the developing
flirtation between him and Audrey is great.  I wouldn't bet she's 18,
though, fellas.

                                        Gotta getta cuppa joe,