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Subject: Re: One-Eyed Jacks; themes and theories
From: podlozny@csli.Stanford.EDU (Ann Podlozny)
Date: 1990-05-11, 11:29

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> >(stuff about On The Waterfront with Brando...)
> >What is perhaps not so well known is how the concept of personal
> >loyalty was handled in another film, this one from the early sixties
> >and this time with Mr Brando in creative control.  One-Eyed Jacks was
> >the tale of two bandidos jumped by the rurales in Sonora so that one
> >of them escapes with the gold at the expense of the other.  The
> >screenplay was adapted from a novel which was only a retelling of the
> >Billy The Kid legend, yet practically none of that story survived to
> >the final script.  The theme here is betrayal and retribution.

> >I became curious about just how the film evolved, who devised the
> >conflicts and consequences, where the flavor and context came from.
> >I have written to several of the principals involved, and have a

I just thought that this was interesting, given the many other
movie references in TP.  anyone seen 'One-Eyed Jacks'?
betrayal and retribution?  Sounds like TP to me...


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