Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Opinions and comments on 5/10 episode
From: (Ben Wright)
Date: 1990-05-11, 09:52

There's been a lot of talk on this newsgroup about how fantastic the 5/10
episode was.  Well, I hate to play the bad guy (but I love to play the
black sheep), so here are a few problems that I (and the regular Twin
Peaks fanclub here) feel the need to mention...

For one thing, Lelenad and Catherine's "Antler Dance" seems pretty
popular with most people, but I really thought it was a cheap joke.  This
kind of humor is typical of "Three's Company" or any other typical
sitcom.  When Catherine started holding her head like Leleand, all I
could think of was a similar exercise scene from the "Toxic Avenger."  It
was a cheap, predictable, extrememly NON-LYNCH, NON-TWIN PEAKS moment in
the show.

I disliked Cooper's "FBI" jacket.  I understand that it's probably
regulation to wear such a uniform when perforing risky entry-type
operations, but without the tenchcoat, it ain't my man Cooper.

Next gripe - Audrey.  What's with the Nancy Drew/Confused Teenager With A
Crush bit?  I remember when Audrey would just stand around, stare at the
ceiling, and snap her fingers to some jazz. Bring back the Audrey theme
music!  I also think her sexuality is being pushed in our faces too
much.  This is not to say that I don't like the idea of Audrey In My Bed,
but we all knew she was sexy.  It's superfluous to shove her into the
audience's (and Cooper's) face.  (But I'm still dying to find out what he

Last gripe - The cabin with the drapes.  I was glad that Cooper and
company made some progress, but I think that altogether *too many*
answers were found this episode.  Heck, there's hardly any mystery left
about Cooper's dream!


I'm still wondering about who the dwarf is supposed to be.  And what
about the gum?  And the circle of candles?  And the shadow moving across
the drapes? (I've heard a lot of people say that the shadow looks like a
bird or a plane - rewind your videos people.  The shadow is a square (or
rectangle, or diamond, or some other 4-sided object), no question about

Not to come off as a complete critic, there were several parts which I
really loved in this episode.  The Log Lady rules!  I loved her Log's
testimony - "My log does not judge!" Ha! Also, Cooper's opening
complaints were very much in character and quite amusing.  And the whole
"Red Drapes" connection was terrific!  Overall, I liked the sepisode a
lot, despite a few minor failings.

One last point of interest:  according to a friend, David Lynch also
directed a few commercials for perfume!  So did Martin Scorcese, if my
friend is right.  It could be for "Opium," but I'm not sure about that.

"Close your eyes and you'll burst into flame." - Log Lady