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Subject: The Broken Heart Necklace!
From: (Sean Huxter)
Date: 1990-05-11, 07:02

In article <> writes:
> >In article <>, Jon.Webb@CS.CMU.EDU writes:
>>> >>> Excerpts from 7-May-90 three points Tom
>>> >>> Neff@bfmny0.UU.NET (985)
>> >> 
>>> >>> 1. The hand that dug up the locket was gloved, I think.  Gloves are often
>>> >>> used (in TV and movies) to hide gender.  It may be rash to assume that
>>> >>> the digger was male.

>> >> But the digger didn't know that someone was standing there with a camera
>> >> filming the whole thing, right?  So why would he disguise himself?  He
>> >> was also wearing a denim jacket, and looked heavy set.  It's a man
>> >> unless Lynch was deliberately misleading us.

Look, Netters, the hand was Jacobi!  It's certain!  He tells Cooper and 
Truman that he was out in the woods chasing someone in a Red Corvette, (Leo,
obviously!), and this was around the same time Donna and James were conversing
in the woods.

THey bury the necklace, and Jacobi, being in LOVE with Laura, and wishing to
have something of hers, especially something that is such an obvious token of
love, goes back later and digs it up.  It's simple!

The heart in the coconut that he takes out has the same leather strap James'
had.  It is one and the same.  

ALl this would imply that Jacobi (who knows more about the murder than ANYONE
in Twin Peaks, because of the tape he was listening to, when Laura mentioned
the man in the woods, and how she knew she would get lost in the woods again,
whatever that meant) heard all that Donna and James said to each other.

No one could randomly pop by and dig it up, it was in the midde lf nowhere,
under a rock.  (And there were other rocks around, so it wasn't that obvious a
burial place.)  And no one could have dug it up and stuffed it in Jacobi's
coconut, right?

I think you guys try too hard.

- A couple of other points that bug me:

1) Jacobi said to Cooper:  "I'm a terrible man, Agent Cooper."  He was showing
guilt over falling in love with his patient, a teen-aged patient.  Not over the
fact that he couldn't give a damn about the town.

2) It was NOT Lucy at One Eyed Jacks.  Lucy and Andy had a falling out.  That's
nothing special, nor is it even significant.  It is a device to show that these
people are leading REAL lives.  Things happen when the camera isn't rolling.
So, they're having a tiff.  It does NOT imply that Lucy wanted the evening free
to work at One Eyed Jack's!

3) The photo was of Laura and Audrey.  And as far as I could tell, one, or
both, were wearing winter caps.  It was NOT taken at One Eyed Jack's.  It is a
simple picture families snap from time to time.  And Audrey did see it.  She
didn't find it too surprising because she saw Daddy and Laura together through
the holes in the wall she has so carefully planted.  She knows what has been
going on with Laura and her Dad.

4)  (Trying to kill as many mynah birds as possible with one stone...)
James (I believe) said that Laura told him that Bobby had killed someone.  This
is NOT Killer Bob, whoever the hell he may be, anyway, but Bobby.  I think that
the blood on Leo's shirt won't even match that of Laura, but of the person
Bobby was supposed to have killed.  I think Leo and Bobby did the killing,
though we don't know who was killed.  IT wasn't Bernard Renault, Leo did that
himself, but later.

As for last night's episode:

1)  It was obvious Jose and Hank had some sort of seedy business relationship,
but now we know that this relationship also included Ben Horne.  I think she
had her hubbie offed.  This is all strange since Ben Horne is planning to torch
Jose's Mill.

2) Isn't Audrey a scream?  She's totally convinced Agent Cooper is going to
sweep her off her feet (as if she needed encouragement) and take her away from
all this.  And in the end, she's in his bed, mortified that he will make her
leave.  Yeah.  What a girl.

3) They found the red curtains from the dream.  In the cabin was Waldo, the
bird, and a record player that was on repeat.  "Where we're from, the birds
sing a pretty song, and there's always music in the air."  

Sean Huxter
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