Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Thoughts on 5/10 episode
From: (George Ferguson)
Date: 1990-05-11, 08:30

I really enjoyed this latest episode. As bgingric@Intrepid.ECE.UKans.EDU (Barry
Gingrich) has pointed out, the directing was quite strong. Lots of the lovely
Lynchisms like awkward camera angles and weird staging. Several of the shots
were as if from the point of view of an invisible person close to the action,
the diner scene with James, Donna, and Maddy, then pan across to Hank.
And Josie smoking the cigar - a film noir gem!

Random thoughts:

- I like Hank. Yeah, he's a mean dude, and we don't know what he's up to or
  what his connection is with Josie, but he's not just a dumb thug.

- As petersen@netcom.UUCP (Barbara Petersen) notes, one of the major things
  not resolved about the dream is the dwarf. I have no clues here. I also
  can't help but think there's more to this dream than simple literal
  connections to clues (drapes, music, birds, etc.). "Sometimes my arms
  bend back" must mean more than "I've been tied up." Oh yeah, and what
  about the gum?

- The raven. What abut the raven. That myna bird looked just too tame to
  kill anybody, but the raven, now it looked evil. Any chance Albert made
  a mistake? Someone check their Edgar Allan Poe collection.

- I loved the way the background music (more J. Cruise?) was playing as
  Cooper et. al. approached the cabin, then they go in and the record player
  is playing that same music. Nice self-relexive touch.

- Cooper was back in form, as others have mentioned. The FBI jacket was
  perfect, as was the line from Truman "Watch your step city-slicker."
  The scene with Audrey is bed was good, even though you knew it was coming.
  I thought (Jeff Williamson)'s version of Cooper's
  "report" to Diane on the situation was great.

- I don't know about Audrey. I liked her more when she was less stable. She
  seems altogether to in control these days. Of course, she also looks less
  evil, while Donna seems to be hiding something more and more (not so much
  this episode as last).

- James and Donna: Blech. Soap opera dialog. Useless teen-love, unless one
  of them's stringing the other along.

- What about Bobby's breakdown in Jacoby's office? Was it for real? It looked
  good, but not very much in keeping with his character. Are we to believe
  that Laura turned him into what is, by any account, a pretty nasty piece
  of work? This was the same guy *barking* a while ago. Also loved his father's
  line: "This is supposed to be family counselling."

- Maddy: She's not as dumb as she seems. I haven't given up the theory that
  it's really Laura.

- What's happening between Ben and Josie?!? Holy Double-cross Batman! What
  are they planning to "do"? Alot of stuff's gonna go down next week.

- Jerry's back. What a worm, but fun to have around. "Heppa, Heppa!"

Like someone else said, this is active television. I love it. The best
non-Lynch episode so far. Many loose ends for the net to chew on until
next week.

-- George Ferguson ARPA: University of Rochester UUCP: {decvax,rutgers}!rochester!ferguson Rochester NY 14627 VOX: (716) 275-2527