Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: What Bobby said...
From: kelley@boulder.Colorado.EDU (Kelley McDonald)
Date: 1990-05-11, 01:15

Bobby's conversation with Dr. Jacoby was indeed troublesome to understand,
but at the end, Bobby said "She wanted so much .... she made me sell drugs
so she could have 'em".  

Also, I think that the copy of "Flesh World" at Jacques was gotten out of
the ceiling light fixture.  Strange that Truman kept looking up at it
and didn't say anything. 

Leo was only wounded, as the previews for next week show.  But I fear for
Donna, James, and Madie because I think that Hank will try to stop them
to keep them from finding out about the drug ring that he runs.  Also,
when Hank beat Leo up, did he say he would take apart his "Chippy" before
killing him?  What is a "Chippy", was he refering to Shelly or to Leo's

Shelley only winged Leo.  

I personally think that Audrey didn't put on the music at the party for the]
Icelanders, I think that Leland did it himself.  The blood on Leo's shirt
was Jacques Renault's.  

The "Log Lady", her name is Margaret, right?  Was the log saying there was
an eye-witness?  "A woman's voice".  

Concerning the tying up of Laura and Ronette....  I think that they were tied
at the arms in the log cabin.  Whoever raped them probably didn't kill them.
It is entirely possible that they weren't raped at all, and only participated
in this at the log cabin for money.

Audrey ... What a Babe!!!