Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Blackie
From: (Robert Steven Glickstein)
Date: 1990-05-12, 14:03

Excerpts from 11-May-90 Re: Have anyone
notice... Jym Dyer@eris.berkeley.e (199)

>> > > And how's the idea that Norma is marrying to a criminal and have
>> > > a Bookhouse Boy as a lover strike the netters out there?
> > .-.
> > |N|ot to mention being "Blackie" in her spare time . . .

Excerpts from 12-May-90 Peaking Innovative D.
Design@wel (1632)

> > the woman who introduces herself as Blackie
> > (the brothelboss, remember) is obviously Nadine without
> > her eyepatch?  This means that whichever of you claimed
> > to have spotted Blackie in the funeral scene was right.

Two "huh?"s.

Can anyone confirm that Blackie is either Norma or Nadine?

If Norma is Blackie, who runs the RR while she's at OEJ?

If Nadine is Blackie, why does she wear the eyepatch "in real life"? 
And who's playing Blackie now that Nadine is out of town at the patent
attorney's office?

By the way, have we ever seen an exterior shot of the RR Diner before? 
Did anyone else notice that the sign outside the diner was the real-life
"MAR-T" diner sign (the actual diner in Snoqualmie) with a neon "RR"
placed next to "MAR-T"?

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