Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Lynch/Frost press conference
From: (John Hallyburton)
Date: 1990-05-12, 10:21

There are A LOT of questions raised about TP and why various things
were done the way they were done.  In other areas of the art world
there are times when the artist answers questions about his/her work,
why not television?

Perhaps Lynch and Frost could hold a press conference to resolve some of the
outstanding issues.  Simple things like what _really_ is the population of
the town, to more complex subjects like the shadow in the dream sequence.
There's no shortage of questions, and plenty of tuned-in media reporters
to pose them.  As with any press conference, there might be questions that
are best left unanswered, but even knowing THAT is worthwhile.  That would
at least separate out the key questions from matters of artistic license.

It might seem kind of odd to hold a press conference for a fictional story
that may not yet be complete, but hey, this whole series is refreshingly odd.
I for one would like to see Lynch resolve some of the burning issues...


Did anyone else notice that at Jacques' apartment, Andy got a cuppa joe and
a donut for Cooper, who took a sip and a bite, then handed them back to Andy.
While Cooper was retrieving the copy of Flesh World, Andy ate Cooper's donut!

  John (aging Bookhouse Boy whose opinions are his own)